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The birth of a child must be notified to the competent authority in whose jurisdiction it was born.

The following order of age is required to indicate a home birth:

  • each parent of the child, if he or she is entitled to care,
  • any other person who was present at the birth or is informed of the birth on his or her own knowledge.
  • in case of married parents
    • Birth certificates
    • marriage certificate or a certified imprint from the marriage register,
  • in case of parents who are not married to each other
    • Birth certificate of the mother
    • if paternity has already been recognised:
      • Declarations on the recognition of paternity
      • Birth certificate of the father
      • if necessary, the declarations of custody
  • Identity card, passport or a recognised passport replacement document of the parents
  • a birth certificate issued by a doctor or midwife or nurse, provided that they were present at birth.

A marriage certificate must also be presented when the marriage is dissolved.


On the basis of the certificate carried out in the birth register, a birth certificate for the domestic birth may be issued upon request.

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