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The housing benefit notice can be revoked by the competent authority under certain conditions in accordance with Section 28 of the Housing Benefit Act (WoGG) or becomes ineffective by law.

In the event of a significant change in the housing and income situation of the recipient of housing benefit, the competent authority is entitled to cancel the housing benefit notice and to claim repayments.

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  • § 28 Wohngeldgesetz (WoGG)

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  • significant increase in income or substantial reduction of the rent/burden,
  • cessation of housing by the recipient of housing benefit or by the persons to be taken into account,
  • Improper use of housing benefit, i.e. the housing benefit is not used in full or predominantly for the payment of the rent or for the payment of the burden,
  • Application for or receipt of transfer benefits (unemployment benefit II, social security, basic security) of one or more members of the household.


Detailed information is provided by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Development.

  • Wohngeld und Wohngeldrechner

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