Delivery period for surpluses from the use of deposits in the pawnbrokers: extension Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In the pawnbroker's business, pawnbrokers may only accept a pledge if they have agreed with the pledger that they are entitled to receive the part of the proceeds two years after the end of the year in which the pledge has been used. which does not be due to the pawnbroker as a satisfaction and has not been paid to the pledgee to the competent authority. Where such an agreement has been concluded and the date to be determined thereafter has been reached, surpluses must be paid to the competent authority no later than one month in order for that part of the proceeds to be forfeited. At the request of the competent authority, this period may be extended for good cause.

if necessary, identity card or passport if necessary, a lien loan permit documents that document the important reason, if applicable