Register as a legal service provider in a foreign law

Register in the Legal Services Register if you want to provide out-of-court legal services in a foreign law.

Anyone who wants to provide out-of-court legal services in a foreign law must register with the competent authority.

Without registration in the Legal Services Register, legal services in connection with another activity are permitted if they are part of the profession or activity profile as an ancillary service. Permitted ancillary services are legal services provided in connection with one of the following activities:

  • Execution of wills,
  • Property and apartment management,
  • Funding advice.

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  • Summary of the vocational training course and the previous exercise of the profession
  • Certificate of good conduct for authorities (document type O)
  • Declaration as to whether insolvency proceedings are pending or whether an entry in a list of debtors in accordance with § 26 (2) of the Insolvency Code (InsO) or in accordance with § 882b of the Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) has been made in the last three years before the application was filed
  • a declaration as to whether registration or admission to the bar has been refused, withdrawn or revoked or whether an exclusion from the legal profession has taken place in the three years preceding the application and, if so, a copy of the decision;
  • Documents proving practical competence: Job references / other certificates of previous practical activity or qualification as a judge according to the German Judges Act (DRiG)
  • Documents for proof of theoretical competence: Certificate of successfully passed competence course, written supervisory work and its evaluation as well as a detailed description of the contents and course of the course or certificate of the first examination according to § 5d Abs. 2 of the German Judges Act (DRiG)
  • Proof of professional indemnity insurance (minimum sum insured 250,000 euros for each insured event)
  • In addition, if a qualified person is specified:

Documents from which it can be seen that the qualified person is permanently employed in the company, is independent of instructions and authorised to issue instructions and has the right to represent him externally


The applicant must be personally suitable and reliable. Important criteria for the required reliability are the previous life (in particular any criminal offences) and the economic circumstances. Furthermore, proof of special expertise (theoretical and practical) in the corresponding areas of law is required.

It is possible to register who

  • personally suitable for the exercise of the activity and
  • is also reliable and beyond
  • has a special expertise (theoretical and practical) and proves this by documents.

Important benchmarks for the required reliability are

  • the previous life (in particular any criminal offences) and
  • the economic conditions.
  • Registration may be made subject to conditions or subject to conditions if this is necessary for the protection of legal seekers or legal transactions.


Anyone established in the European Economic Area (EEA) for the purpose of practising a profession related to the provision of legal services may, under certain conditions, exercise this profession as a temporary legal service in Germany.

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As soon as all the conditions have been fulfilled and all the evidence and provided, the competent authority shall register and arrange for its public publication in the Register of Legal Services.

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