Travel industry Granting of exemptions to prohibitions Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you wish to carry out an activity that is not permitted in travel advertising, you can apply for an exemption permit under certain conditions.

In the travel industry, the following activities are prohibited, among others;

  • Distribution of
    • Poisons and toxic goods
      (exception: plant protection products, pesticides and wood preservatives for which a test certificate with a test mark has been issued in accordance with building regulations)
    • Fractures, medical body bandages, medical support devices and bandages, orthopaedic footrests, glasses and eye glasses
      (Exception: goggles and ready-made reading glasses)
    • electromedical equipment including electronic hearing aids (exception: devices with direct heat exposure)
    • Securities, lottery tickets, subscription and share certificates on securities and lottery tickets
      (exception: sale of lottery tickets for charitable purposes on public roads, streets or squares or other public places)
    • Fonts distributed under guarantee of bonuses or profits
  • Offering and purchasing
    • Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and platinum-precious metals) and alloys containing precious metals in any form and goods with precious metal pads
      (Exception: silver jewellery up to a selling price of 40.00 euros and goods with silver pads)
    • Gemstones, gemstones and synthetic stones as well as pearls
  • Offering alcoholic beverages
    (exception: beer and wine in closed containers, alcoholic beverages from self-produced products of viticulture, agriculture or fruit and horticulture, the purchase of alcohol for the production of liqueurs and spirits from fruit, plants and other agricultural raw materials for which the starting materials are not fermented themselves, and alcoholic beverages administered for consumption in the context and for the duration of an event from a local establishment)
  • the conclusion and brokering of repurchase transactions (Section 34 (4) GewO) and the brokerage of loan transactions for a fee for the borrower
  • Bargaining of medicinal products and the prospecting of orders for medicinal products (Section 51 of the Medicines Act)
    (exceptions: ready-to-use medicinal products released for circulation outside pharmacies, designated by their usual German names, are in their effects commonly known plants or parts of plants or pressed juices from fresh plants or parts of plants, provided that they are not produced with solvents other than water, or medicinal waters and their salts in their natural mixing ratio or their replicas. Insofar as the trader visits other persons in the course of his business, except that they are medicinal products which are used for use in animals on agricultural and forestry holdings, in commercial livestock holdings and in holdings of vegetable, fruit, garden and wine-growing, beekeeping and fishing, or that such establishments offer orders for medicinal products the supply of which is reserved for pharmacies. , be visited. This also applies to travellers and other persons acting on behalf of and on behalf of a trader.)
  • Distribution and the transfer of explosive substances, insofar as a travel trade card would be required or the conditions of Section 55a (1) no. 1 or 3 of the Commercial Code are available (Section 22 (4) sentence 1 no. 1 Explosives Act).
    (Exception: distribution and supply of pyrotechnic articles of category F1)

You must apply to the competent authority for the exemptions from the prohibitions on a case-by-case basis.

  • Travel trade card (if necessary)
  • Identity card or passport with registration certificate.

The competent authority may request further documentation.

An ordinance of the state government pursuant to Section 56 (2) sentence 2 GewO was not issued.

  • Forms: none
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance at the time of application can be requested, personal collection is not required.
  • Online procedure possible: yes


There must be no concern about the exemption from the prohibition from the person of the applicant or from any other circumstance.

  • Start-up portal of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy on the subject of trade/travel

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You can apply to the competent authority for the exemptions from prohibitions in the travel industry on a case-by-case basis.

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