Apply for an identity card as an under 16-year-old

If you are under the age of 16, your parents or guardians can apply for an identity card for you.

Any person of any age with German citizenship can apply for an identity card. This also applies to children (from birth). As a person under the year of 16, you must be accompanied by your parents. Your parents or guardians will take care of the application for you.
Your identity card is valid for 6 years and must then be re-applied for. A temporary identity card is valid for a maximum of 3 months.
The identity card becomes invalid before the expiry of the registered period of validity if

  • Entries become incorrect, or
  • the photograph is no longer clearly suitable for identification. This can be the case in particular with ID cards for infants or toddlers.

There is one exception: changing the address does not invalidate.
The EU logo on the front of the identity card, which will be introduced from 2 August 2021, will not cause ID cards without this logo to become invalid.
The new identity card is equipped with the function of electronic proof of identity. For children and adolescents up to the age of 16 years, this function is automatically switched off. A later activation (from 16 years) is possible free of charge at the Bürgeramt at the main residence.
You can submit the application to your identity card authority at your main residence, which is usually the Bürgeramt. Applications to any other identity card authority are possible if an important reason is explained. This incurs a non-responsibility surcharge, which means that the costs of the exhibition increase.

  • old identity card, old passport or children's passport (valid or already expired)
  • if no old identity document, available: birth certificate
  • Declaration of consent of the parent with custody who is not present
    • in the case of only one legal guardian, additional proof of custody
  • Biometric passport photo: The photo must
    • be up-to-date and
    • Meet photo requirements for electronic passports


You can obtain an identity card at the age of 16 if you

  • have German nationality and
  • are registered in Germany.

For applications outside your main residence:

  • You or the legal guardian must be able to explain an important reason why you do not apply for the identity card at the Bürgeramt at your main residence.

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Your parents or your legal guardians must apply for the identity card personally and together with you at the Bürgeramt:

  • For children and adolescents under the age of 16, both parents submit the application together if they have joint custody. A parent with custody may be represented by the other parent with custody by means of a power of attorney.
  • The children and young people for whom the application is made must also appear in person, as the authority verifies their identity. They must also sign if they are 10 years of age or older at the time of application.
  • For children from 6 years of age, fingerprints are taken for storage in the document.
  • Your Citizens' Office will inform you when you apply when you can pick up your identity card.
  • The identity card is produced centrally by Bundesdruckerei GmbH in Berlin.
  • At many citizens' offices, you can arrange a pick-up appointment online, by e-mail or by telephone. You can find out what options your Citizens' Office offers, for example, on its website.

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