Continuation of a business by proxy Approval

The competent authority may, following a business prohibition, authorise, on request, that the operation be continued by a deputy to ensure the proper management of the business. Approval is required.

If necessary, identity card or passport

The Trade Code does not prescribe how the application is to be made. However, for reasons of legal certainty, it is advisable to submit the application in writing and in a signed form.

legally binding business prohibition or Prohibition of trade with order of immediate execution required personal reliability of the deputy and the conditions laid down for the activity in question

Prior to approval, special supervisory authorities may be heard for the activity, the Chamber of Commerce or Crafts or The Chamber of Crafts and, in the case of a trade prohibition, the examination association to which it belongs to a cooperative. If the competent authority and the authority which have ordered the prohibition are not identical, the prohibitive authority shall also be consulted in advance.

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