Expertise according to Chemical Ozone Layer Ordinance Recognition Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The recognition of expertise according to the Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance is carried out by the competent authority.

No documents are required.


  • The proof of competence can be provided in accordance with §5 paragraph 2 of the Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance (ChemOzonSchichtV) by
    • Complete an enabling technical or craft training
    • Proof of officially recognized certification
    • the submission of a corresponding certificate of competence in accordance with the Chemicals Climate Protection Ordinance (ChemKlimaschutzV)
    • An equivalent qualification from another Member State
    • By participating in a training course recognized by the responsible body for the acquisition of expertise according to the Chemical Ozone Layer Ordinance according to §5 paragraph 3 ChemOzonSchichtV, in which teaching content is taught.
  • § 5 Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance (ChemOzonSchichtV)


In individual cases, an exemption from the obligation to provide expertise under the Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance may be possible.

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  • § 5 paragraph 2 Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance (ChemOzonSchichtV)

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