Expertise according to Chemical Ozone Layer Ordinance Recognition

The recognition of expertise according to the Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance is carried out by the competent authority.

No documents are required.


  • The proof of competence can be provided in accordance with §5 paragraph 2 of the Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance (ChemOzonSchichtV) by
    • Completion of an enabling technical or craft training
    • Proof of officially recognized certification
    • the submission of a corresponding certificate of competence in accordance with the Chemicals Climate Protection Ordinance (ChemKlimaschutzV)
    • An equivalent qualification from another Member State
    • By participating in a training course recognized by the responsible body for the acquisition of expertise according to the Chemical Ozone Layer Ordinance according to §5 paragraph 3 ChemOzonSchichtV, in which teaching content is taught.
  • § 5 Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance (ChemOzonSchichtV)


In individual cases, an exemption from the obligation to provide expertise under the Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance may be possible.

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  • § 5 paragraph 2 Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance (ChemOzonSchichtV)

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