Repairer's authority to allocate

Companies that have repaired calibrated measuring instruments can apply for the granting of the maintenance authority.

No documents are required.

The application for authorisation must be made in writing. The application must be signed by hand or provided with a qualified electronic signature.


  • In order to obtain a maintenance authority, the repair shop must:
    • be equipped with the facilities necessary for repair and adjustment,
    • employ expert staff.
  • The certificate of expertise of the staff is recognized by proof of competence, i.e.
    • in the case of fitters, the journeyman's examination or a one-year activity in a relevant profession,
    • with the person responsible for the repair group
      • the master craftsman's examination or a higher-quality education and
      • registration in the register of craftsmen or three years of activity in a relevant profession.
  • Repair personnel for electronic equipment must be trained by the manufacturer and have the necessary descriptions of the respective type of measuring instrument.


The operator of public weighing scales and the operating staff shall carry out public weighing

  • carry out conscientiously and impartially,
  • if they or one of their relatives has a direct interest in the weighing result.

Weighing results may only be certified by those who have determined them themselves.

Further details on measurement and calibration in Lower Saxony, on contact persons and on the legal basis of measurement and calibration can be found on the website of the responsible body.

  • Measurement and Calibration Lower Saxony

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