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Do you want to collect non-profit or commercial waste, so-called recyclables, from private households? You must then report this to the competent body no later than three months before the collection begins.

Non-profit and commercial collections of recyclable waste, so-called recyclables from private households, must be displayed no later than three months before the collection begins. For example, street or container collections of textiles and footwear, as well as purchase points for waste paper, are subject to notification.

Collection may be prohibited, limited or conditional by the competent authority.

  • Recyclables from private households are subject to transfer. This means that they are, in principle, left to the public waste disposal agencies.
  • the commercial or non-profit collection of recyclable sanitised materials (recyclable waste) is only permitted if it has been notified to the competent authority;
  • displayed collections may be prohibited or restricted by the competent authority
  • mixed waste from private households may not be collected for commercial or non-profit purposes (e.B. bulky waste)

E-waste (defective waste electrical equipment) must be returned to the public waste disposal authority or to dealers obliged to take them back.

  1. information on the size and organisation of the collection company,
  2. information on the nature, extent and duration, in particular the maximum size and minimum duration of the collection,
  3. information on the nature, quantity and whereabouts of the waste to be recycled,
  4. a statement of the recovery routes foreseen within the indicated period, including the measures necessary to ensure their capacity;
  5. an explanation of how to ensure the proper and harmless recovery of the collected waste.


The purpose must be to collect waste from private households for commercial or non-profit purposes.

The collection must not preclude an overriding public interest.


Anyone who does not, correctly or does not notify a non-profit or commercial collection in time shall commit an administrative offence. This can be punished with a fine of up to 10,000 euros.

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