Recognition of test centres for pipeline installations Application

Anyone wishing to operate a test centre for pipeline installations must apply for recognition from the testing centre.

The testing centre may be composed of a

  • expert organisation or
  • in accordance with other legislation, there is a monitoring body approved under other legislation.

The recognition is valid for the entire Federal territory. Equivalent recognitions of other EU/EEA states are equivalent to recognitions in Germany.

  • Proof of the independence of the testing body
  • Evidence of the availability of the organisational structures required for the independent performance of tasks
  • Proof of the expertise, experience and reliability of the commissioned personnel
  • Proof of the existence of quality assurance

The application for recognition must be made in writing. It must be signed by hand or provided with a qualified electronic signature.


  • The verifier must:
    • be independent (this applies in particular to the personnel responsible for managing and carrying out the audits).
    • on what is necessary for the proper and independent performance of tasks
      • Structures
      • Employees,
      • have the necessary means and equipment for testing pipelines.
    • have sufficiently competent, experienced and reliable staff and the opportunity for professional training.
    • Collect and evaluate the knowledge gained during the tests and regularly pass them on internally and to other testing bodies.
    • have adequate and effective quality assurance with regular auditing.

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