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Since 1 January 2008, the Lower Water Authorities and the Lower Saxony State Water Management, Coastal nature conservation (NLWKN) in their respective areas of responsibility for the entries in the electronically managed water book Responsible. In the water book, the so-called water rights, i.e. essential water-economic legal relationships as well as protected areas for water management are registered. It is used to inform professionals and the public. The data volume amounts to approx. 70,000 water rights with more than 100,000 places of use. In order to make the task as effective as possible, a new internet-based programme for water book and water abstraction in Lower Saxony (WBE) has been created, connected to the existing National Database (LDB). Thanks to this connection, a wide range of evaluation options are entered data immediately after entering it. In addition to the registration of water rights, the WBE programme also serves to record the withdrawal quantities required for the determination of the water withdrawal fee (WEG) and to calculate the WEG.

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