Support for training Authorisation for the visit of a training centre located abroad Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In many cases, support for training can also be granted for a period of study or school training (including traineeships).

In order to promote a training stay abroad, you must prove the general requirements for the BAföG. If you do not receive financial support in Germany because of the economic circumstances of your parents, you can still apply for foreign funding, as this applies to different requirements.

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  • Proof of income (for the trainee for the authorisation period, for parents in general tax notice of the penultimate calendar year)
  • any further application documents

The forms are provided by the competent authority and are also available on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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  • German citizen
  • foreign national depending on residence status
  • Maximum age 29 years, with a master's degree 34 years. However, exceptions to these age limits apply, for example, to second-level trainees or to trainees who raise their own child under the age of 10 when they reach the age limit of 30 years or 35 years.
  • Your achievements as an apprentice suggest that you will achieve the training goal. However, a special aptitude or talent for the chosen training is not required. It is sufficient to meet the level of performance that the respective training regulations consider sufficient.
  • Proof of a need for support for subsistence and training


If necessary, the higher rates of support for training abroad may also lead to the support of trainees who are domestically resident. receive no support because of the level of income of the parents.
For example, demonstrably necessary tuition fees are covered for a period of up to one year and up to a maximum of EUR 4,600. Supplements for travel to the place of training, health insurance and, if necessary (depending on the country of destination) for higher living costs are also possible.

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The application must be submitted in writing to the competent authority. This can also be done informally. However, the information required to establish the claim must be based on uniform forms in Germany.

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