Markscheiderin/Markscheider Recognition as an "other" person

Recognised mark separators manufacture and re-apply the cracking plant prescribed for underground exploration or extraction operations. For other companies, other documents required by the Federal Mining Act, such as cracks, maps and plans, can also be prepared and added by other persons. These other persons must also be recognised. Recognition must be applied for separately for each establishment for which documents are to be drawn up.

  • Proof of physical fitness
  • Proof of reliability
  • Proof of professional qualification
  • Proof of the required knowledge and skills

The application may be submitted informally to the competent authority together with the necessary documents.


  • Completed studies in the field of market surveying, mining surveying or general surveying at a German university with a diploma and
  • a professional qualification acquired outside the Federal Republic of Germany and recognised as equivalent, and
  • Exercise of a subject-specific professional activity after graduation for at least two years
  • The same applies if the mark separator
    • has another professional qualification comprising surveying knowledge, and
    • has pursued a subject-specific professional activity for at least three years, during which he or she has acquired the additional knowledge and skills required for the preparation and reproduction of the documents.
  • the reliability and health suitability required for the performance of the activity

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