Educational and participation services for children, adolescents and young adults Provision of Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Education and participation services have been introduced to give children and young people from financially deprived families the opportunity to take advantage of learning and leisure opportunities, thus providing them with better educational and development opportunities.

The education and participation package includes the following services:

1. Excursions and multi-day school trips
The costs for one-day excursions and multi-day trips in schools and day care facilities will be covered in the actual amount if all the conditions are met.
Please note the instructions in the following services:

  • School trips, school trips and similar trips from day care facilities: reimbursement - of costs
  • School trips, school trips and similar trips from day care facilities: reimbursement - of costs according to SGB II
  • School trips, school trips and similar trips of day care facilities: reimbursement - of costs according to SGB XIIS
  • School trips, school trips and similar trips from day care facilities: reimbursement - of costs under the Federal Child Benefit Act

2. Personal school supplies
Pupils receive 100 euros for the school equipment (e.g. for school bags, sports equipment and writing, arithmetic and drawing materials):

  • for the first half of the school year 70 Euro
  • for the second half of the school year 30 Euro

3. School transport
The costs of transporting pupils to the nearest school can be covered under certain conditions. The prerequisite is that the transport to the next school is necessary and the costs are not covered by another party. If the ticket is also used privately, a share of 5 euros is usually to be borne.

4. Learning promotion
Students receive support for learning in so far as this complements school offers, is suitable and additionally necessary in order to achieve the essential learning objectives. Proof requires confirmation from the teacher.

5. Overspend for lunch
A grant is paid for the communal lunch escaping in school, day care or day care. The own share to be paid is 1 euro per lunch.

6. Participation in social and cultural life
For membership fees, lessons in artistic subjects or leisure time, 10 euros per month are taken into account. The monthly budget can also be saved for participation in (more expensive) leisure activities.

Documents may be required. Please contact the appropriate body.

You will receive the appropriate forms from the local authority responsible for you.


Eligible are children and adolescents who are entitled to

  • Unemployment benefit II or social benefit according to the Social Code - Second Book (SGB II),
  • Social assistance under the Social Code - Twelfth Book (SGB XII) or on
  • Benefits under the Asylum Benefits Act (AsylbLG)


Children and adolescents whose families are also entitled to

  • Child supplement under the Federal Child Benefit Act (BKGG) or
  • Housing


It is also justified if the need for education and participation only triggers a need for help.

The age limit for the education package is basically 25 years. By way of derogation, the consideration of needs for the education of pupils receiving social assistance under SGB XII is not tied to the age limit of 25 years. For the services to participate in culture, sport and leisure, the corresponding age limit is 18 years.


Schools and day-care centres should also contact the relevant authorities if they wish to participate in the education package.

Teachers and educators play an important role in the education and participation package: they know the strengths and weaknesses of the students particularly well and can give parents tips on which offers are useful for the individual child.

Schools are particularly in demand when it came to tutoring: only when they confirm that a pupil is not achieving the learning goal can parents apply for tutoring from the education package.

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In principle, a prior application is required.

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