Dog keeping Examination Expertise of the owner Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Dog owners must have proof of expertise (dog driving licence) from 1 July 2013.

The examination of the subject matter can be taken by the competent authority.

Anyone who has been shown to have kept a dog continuously (or cared for a legal person) for at least two years within the last 10 years prior to the start of dog keeping is considered to be knowledgeable by experience.

If the dog is registered for dog tax in the name of a person or if it is a liability insurance contract for that person, these are indications that that person is the owner of the dog in the legal sense.

If other persons, e.g. children living in the household, regularly deal with, manage and care for the dog, they are not considered to be holders in the legal sense. If, for example, children leave the parental household and take the dog with them, they have to prove their own expertise as a new owner by taking a theoretical and practical examination.

In addition, certain groups of persons are considered to be competent: e.g. veterinarians, persons who take usability tests for hunting dogs or have successfully passed such an examination with a dog, animal shelter operators, service dog guides and disabled guide/companion dog guide. However, if such a dog becomes conspicuous, e.g. complaints about it to the competent authority, the competent authority may also prescribe the expertise retrospectively.

  • if necessary, documents on the identity of the dog

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The content of the examination is theoretical and practical knowledge in the handling and keeping of dogs.

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