Low-threshold care services: recognition and promotion - from service providers Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Currently, about 2/3 patients in Lower Saxony are cared for and cared for in their own homes by outpatient care services or by relatives.
Low-threshold care services ensure temporary supervision and care for these people (Section 45 c (3) SGB XI). The aim of the temporary supervision and care is to relieve the burden on carers.
The care is provided - on the basis of nursing guidance by specialists - by volunteers; it can be done at home in individual care, but alternatively also outside the home environment in groups. In addition, services are also provided in day care and in the context of family-relieving services. The target group of the offers includes people with

  • dementia disabilities,
  • intellectual disability or
  • mental illness,

if these people are restricted in their everyday competence due to the disease and there is an increased need for supervision and care as a result. This applies in the presence of a care level, but also if the extent of care level I is not reached (so-called "care level 0").

a) Recognition as a provider of low-threshold care

The activity as a low-threshold care offer requires recognition according to the Nds. Recognition Ordinance. This ensures the required quality of low-threshold offers in this pre-maintenance area as well.

b) Promotion of recognised offers

Recognised offers may be submitted upon request for the

  • coordination and organisation of aid,
  • technical guidance, training and further training, as well as
  • continuous professional support and support of the volunteers

and necessary personnel and material expenditure receive funding from the country and the nursing care funds.

a) The application for recognition as a low-threshold care service shall be made in writing without a form

The following documents must be submitted:

  • concept for a long-term care provision, which results in the target group, the scope of the services and the method of care;
  • Proof that the professional guidance, training, continuous support and support of the volunteers is guaranteed by a specialist, in particular by a nurse, a doctor, a doctor, a social pedagogue, a social pedagogue, a medical pedagogue, a medical pedagogue, a healer, a nurse, a nurse, a psychologist or a psychologist with a psychiatric, gerontopsychiatric or medical background qualification) ,
  • Proof that the care is provided by helpers who have completed a training course tailored to the range of care for the persons to be cared for for at least 20 hours and that they are trained in this regard (training and training concept)
  • Proof that the provider is adequately insured to cover any damage that may arise from the assistance offered (copy of the insurance certificate) and
  • in the case of group support: the name of the premises available for group support and which can be checked for suitability if necessary (address) .

(b) Application for support for the low-threshold offer

  • only the completed application form (see "Applications/Forms")

You send the written applications for recognition and subsequently also for the promotion of recognised low-threshold care services together with the required documents to the competent authority.

Application forms can be found on the following websites.

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