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In the case of minor litigation or in everyday minor cases, it is not necessary to use a court. The arbitration offices offer a cost-effective and simple way of settling disputes. They have focused their activities on the negotiation of everyday civil-law disputes, e.g. neighbourhood and rental disputes or disputes over monetary claims, etc. In the case of minor offences, e.g. breach of house peace, insult, minor bodily injury or damage to property, there is even an obligation to first call the Arbitration Office to settle the dispute. Only if the attempt at conciliation has been unsuccessful can a private action be brought before the competent criminal court.

The voluntary arbitrators, formally obliged by the competent district court, live and live in the municipality of the Arbitration Office and often know the human background of a dispute. Therefore, they often have better proposals for its settlement than a court with its procedural means could do.


The Arbitration Office may be called in the following cases:

  • In civil litigation (civil cases).
    This is particularly recommended when it is a matter of disputes between neighbours and housemates and in disputes over demands for money with the merchant or craftsman in the neighbourhood.
    In the event of neighbourly disputes (e.g. overhanging roots and branches of a neighbouring property, fruits of trees and shrubs falling over to a neighbouring property and further claims of the lower Saxony neighbouring law Claims) provides for mandatory dispute resolution, i.e. an action in these disputes is only admissible if an attempt has been made to settle the disputes by mutual agreement before an arbitration office.

  • In "small" criminal cases.
    For many minor offences, such as breach of house peace, insult, breach of the secrecy of letters, minor bodily injury, threat and damage to property, the public prosecutor may deny the public interest in prosecuting this offence.
    In such cases, the "injured" or "injured person" must first contact the Arbitration Office before a private action can be brought before the criminal court against the "accused".

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