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If your commercial enterprise requires a business that is set up in a commercial manner according to the type and scope (e.g. accounting requirements, company management, commercial order of representation and liability), you are a merchant or a merchant and to be entered in the commercial register.

Changes to your company must be entered in the commercial register in the same way.

The Commercial Register, maintained by the district courts, is a public register of all merchants in the district of the respective registry court.

Abandonment of the Commercial Register

The aim of the commercial register is to provide legal certainty (e.g. for the conclusion of contracts). It therefore contains information on the actual and legal circumstances of the companies (e.g. exact company name, registered office, branches, possible limitations of liability, persons entitled to represent, personal liable shareholders). Shareholder lists or minutes of annual general meetings can also be consulted at the district court.

All interested parties can consult the commercial register at the local court for information purposes and request a printout or a copy from the commercial register. All new entries and changes (e.g. change of manager, procuration and deletions) are now published electronically in the register portal.

The commercial register consists of two departments.

  • Department A: Individual merchants (e.K.), open trading companies (OHG) and limited partnerships (KG) are registered here.
  • Department B: Here, corporations such as limited liability companies (GmbH), public limited companies (AG) or limited partnerships are registered on shares (KGaA).

In the event of a change in the relevant information about your company, such as the registered office, the legal form or the persons entitled to represent, please have the commercial register entry corrected immediately by the competent authority.

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  • Depending on the legal form of your company and the type of fact to be entered, further documents must be submitted (partly also certified by the notary)

You can find out which documents you have to submit in individual cases with the competent authority and your chamber.

To submit your application, please contact the relevant body, which will also advise you on the formulation of the application. Registration is done exclusively by electronic means .


The Chambers assist the District Court in the management of the Commercial Register. In certain cases, the district court asks the board to give a good opinion on an application for registration in the commercial register or an amendment.
In order to avoid subsequent complaints and costly changes as well as to speed up registration, you should coordinate your planned business start-up with your chamber in advance.

If you operate a business that does not require a business set up in a commercial manner (so-called small business owners), you are not obliged, but you are entitled to register. If you make use of this authorization and register yourself in the commercial register, you become a merchant or a merchant with the registration. For more information, please contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at your place of residence.

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