Journeyman examination Part I: Approval

If you are undercompleting vocational training with a " stretched journeyman examination " (journeyman examination in two parts that fall apart in time), you will need a separate admission for Part 1.

In order to be admitted to Part 1 of the journeyman examination, you must

  • who have completed the required training period required by the Training Regulations,
  • have carried out proof of training and, if necessary, have passed prescribed intermediate examinations,
  • register for the exam or have your instructor register.

In addition, your vocational training relationship must be entered in the apprenticeship role. This does not apply if the entry is missing for a reason that neither the apprentice (trainee) nor his legal representative is responsible for.

The Chairman of the Examination Committee decides on admission to the journeyman examination. If it does not consider the admission requirements to be met, the Selection Board shall decide.

Under certain circumstances, e.g. in the case of shortened apprenticeships, it may occur that both parts of the journeyman examination are carried out together at the end of the training period.

  • Completed application for admission
  • Prescribed training certificate booklets or report booklets
  • If applicable, a copy of the certificate of participation in an intermediate examination
  • Copy of the certificate of participation in compulsory instruction


Apprentices must be exempted from taking part in examinations. For the period of leave, the trainees are paid the training allowance.

People with disabilities should already draw attention to their special concerns when registering for the final examination, so that these can be taken into account when carrying out the final examination.

Apprentices who have taken parental leave must not be adversely affected by the decision to leave.

  • Section 36a (1) Crafts Code (HwO)
  • Vocational Education and Training Act (BBiG)

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