Examination centres for treatment plants for waste wood Announcement Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Operators of treatment plants for the treatment of waste wood for the production of wood-based materials are obliged to carry out quarterly investigations into pollutant contents of waste wood. These investigations shall be carried out by independent inspection bodies designated by a central body. The investigations must be carried out in accordance with the Waste Wood Ordinance (AltholzV).

The examination bodies are determined on request after a review, which is addressed in accordance with Sections 6 and Annex II to Section 3 paragraph 1 of the Waste Wood Ordinance (AltholzV) and the "Specialist Module Abfal". The technical module regulates the requirements for the quality of examination bodies within the framework of the Circular Economy Act (KrWG) and the regulations based on them. The technical module lays down personnel, operational and equipment requirements. The provision is also referred to as 'notification'.

The provision obliges the investigating body, among other things, to participate annually in the nationwide ring tests.

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  • Application
  • Copy of the accreditation certificate
  • Copy of the last ring test
  • Designation of the scope of the parameters of the application in accordance with the Waste Wood Ordinance (AltholzV)
  • Management certificate (document type OG, not older than 3 months, in the original) of all farmers
  • Certificate of management (document type OG, not older than 3 months, in original) of the laboratory management
  • Information from the central register of trades (document type 9, not older than 3 months, in the original) of all farmers and managing directors as well as for the company
  • Information from the commercial central register (document type 9, not older than 3 months, in the original) of the laboratory management

In addition, a declaration of commitment and consent must be signed in the context of the admission of an investigation body, as well as a list of accreditation and notification of the investigation body for the requested parameters in accordance with Reclaimed Timber other federal states.

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  • required expertise
  • Independence
  • Reliability
  • equipment equipment

A national investigation body may require the competent body to which the destination is requested to be submitted for valid accreditation.

  • Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH


The announcement made in a federal state applies nationwide. The German Accreditation Agency GmbH is responsible for accreditations nationwide.

The authorisation requirement is waived when presenting an equivalent authorisation from another EU or EEA country. This approval shall be submitted by the experts before the start of their activities. At the request of the competent authority, the documents shall be presented with a certified translation.

In the other EU Member States, there are corresponding national accreditation bodies.

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  • Tarfi-Nr. 2.21.2 AllGO

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