Certificate for the provision of temporary cross-border services in accordance with Section 9 (HwO): Issuance

Anyone who, as a citizen of the EU, eEA or Switzerland, wants to carry out a craft in Germany subject to authorisation temporarily and occasionally without having to set up a branch here must indicate this. A certificate shall then be issued by the competent authority.

Display of service delivery Copy of the identity card or a comparable identification document Proof of lawful establishment in the State of establishment for the performance of comparable activities or in the case of non-regulated occupations of the State of establishment Certificate of practical professional experience to the competent body of the country of origin

the applicant is lawfully established in a Member State of the EU, EEA or Switzerland for the performance of comparable activities in a Member State of the EU, eEA or Switzerland. The pursuit of the professional activity in question is linked to a specific professional qualification (regulated) or there is no regulation of access to the profession, but you have completed a training which is regulated by the state and thus regulated.
The craft may be exercised immediately after the display. Exceptions The professions Chimney sweep Opticians Hearing aid acousticians Orthopaedic technicians Orthopaedic schumacher Dental technician may not be exercised until the applicant has received from the competent body: Confirmation that the professional qualification is sufficient or that the professional qualification is not being examined. In the case of skills shortages identified in the course of an inspection, the applicant shall be given the opportunity to take an aptitude test within one month.

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