Apply for an immission control permit for the construction and operation of plants Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

For particularly environmentally relevant plants, an immission control permit is required.

If you want to build and operate a plant which, due to its nature or operation, is particularly likely to cause harmful environmental effects or otherwise endanger the general public or the neighborhood, to significantly disadvantage or significantly harass, you need a permit from the competent authority. This also includes stationary waste disposal facilities for the storage or treatment of waste.

Für die Beantragung der Genehmigung steht das elektronische immissionsschutzrechtliche Antragstellungsprogramm ELiA zur Verfügung; die erforderlichen Unterlagen sind dem dort hinterlegten Formularsatz zu entnehmen. Rücksprache mit der zuständigen Genehmigungsbehörde vor Antragstellung wird empfohlen.

Hingewiesen wird auf den Leitfaden für Antragsteller.

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  • Written form required: yes
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Das Antragstellungsprogramm ELiA kann auf der Internetseite der Gewerbeaufsichtsverwaltung kostenlos heruntergeladen werden.

  • Application programme ELiA - Lower Saxony Labour Inspectorate

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The approval procedure shall be accompanied by a written application accompanied by the drawings, explanations and other documents necessary to verify the conditions for approval. If the application is complete, it may be complete. to make the documents publicly known and then to interpret them for one month.

In simplified approval procedures or when public participation is not carried out, there is no public interpretation and no discussion date takes place. At the latest at the same time as the project is publicly announced, the approval authority shall invite the authorities to be involved to submit their comments on the permit conditions within one month. If there are any objections, they can be discussed with you and those who raised the objections in a public appointment.

If the approval authority has identified all the circumstances relevant to the granting of a permit, a decision on the application must be taken on , usually within 7 months of the completeness of the permit application, in the simplified procedure within 3 months. The approval notice must be substantiated in writing and will be sent to you and the persons who have raised objections. The notification of the approval notice to objectors may be replaced by a public announcement.

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