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Any holding wishing to place forest propagating material on the market must register with the competent national office for forest propagating material. If the conditions are met, the operation may be approved. He will then receive an operating number. This is reported to the Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food (BLE) and kept there in a nationwide register. The farm number must be indicated on the delivery notes of forest propagating material.

Information on the name of the establishment, legal form, address, telephone number, e-mail address, name of the person responsible according to the FoVG, the professional qualifications of the responsible person.

Whether further documentation is required depends on the type of operation.

Formal written application via the contact form of the electronic harvest approval register

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The operation must be

  • have its registered office in Lower Saxony,
  • have the necessary technical equipment
  • responsible person with the necessary technical knowledge and experience.

Which ones are in individual cases depends on the type of establishment requested.

Types of holding may be:

  • Klenge,
  • Forest Tree School,
  • person who owns the forest,
  • seed and planting material operation,
  • Distributors of propagating material,
  • Harvesting contractors of propagating material.


Registered forest seed and forest plant holdings are obliged to keep separate accounts in accordance with the Forest Propagation Goods Act (FoVG) and the Forestry Propagation Goods Implementation Ordinance (FoVDV). This must be kept for 10 years.

The establishments (land, business premises, premises and means of transport) can be entered at any time by employees of the Land Office for Forestry Propagation Goods during business hours. Employees can carry out audits, take samples and view business documents.

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  • BLE: Forestry propagating material

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After submitting the necessary documents, these are checked by the National Forestry Propagating Property Office. If the conditions are met according to the documents, the company will be inspected in an on-site appointment and the responsible person will be interviewed. If there are no obstacles, the farm number according to the FoVG is communicated to the holding and the new farm registration of the Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food (BLE) is reported for registration in the National Register.

  • Open digital harvest approval register
  • Fill in the contact form
  • Attach the required documents (see above)
  • You will receive a notification by post after the local appointment.

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