Disease report (animal disease)

As a private or commercial keeper, you are obliged to report certain animal disease. A list of the notifiable animal health cases can be found on the overview page on the topic of "animal health" of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. However, not only the outbreak (i.e. the detection of the disease by a veterinarian) is not only a requirement to report it), but also the mere suspicion of an outbreak. If you suspect that an animal disease may have broken out, report it immediately by phone or in person to the competent veterinary office of your county or county-free city. The following information is helpful: What is suspected or symptoms? Type, number and location of the animals Owners of the animals Any affected neighbouring stocks Have measures already been taken? If so, which ones? Were animals sold or sold? In addition, you must immediately take all possible measures to prevent the spread of the disease (e.B. separate "suspicious" animals from the others, make sure that no animals leave the site). After the notification, the suspicion will be investigated by the competent veterinary office. In the case of an animal disease, the necessary countermeasures (e.B. emergency slaughter, quarantine) are taken on a case-by-case basis.

Animal Health Act

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