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When importing goods into certain countries, the presentation of certificates of origin, certified commercial invoices and, where appropriate, other documents is required. Such documents are issued in Germany by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Certificates of origin document the so-called commercial or non-preferential origin of goods. Certified commercial invoices and, where appropriate, other documents are required by national import regulations, otherwise the goods may not be imported in the country concerned. The origin of the goods is determined by the manufacturer's drive and by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) according to the principle of "last essential working or processing". Proof sedend of origin must be provided for commercial goods. The documents submitted to the Chamber of Commerce for processing must have been signed by the applicant companies in a legally binding manner. In addition, ihk Carnets A.T.A. issues for the temporary importation and re-importation of goods from the EU and their corresponding temporary use in the countries that are partners in the carnet procedure. In this context, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry shall provide information on necessary documents for the importation of goods abroad and on general questions of customs procedures.

mandatory forms for certificates of origin including application Where applicable, proof scopies of origin for commercial goods Signature permission where applicable, further documents depending on the facts of the case

Forms for certificates of origin including applications are available from form publishers or the Chamber of Commerce. For certificates of origin, among other things, frequently required forms are available at the Chamber of Commerce, because handwritten documents are often not recognized abroad.

The applicant must have his registered office or a permanent establishment in the district of the local Chamber of Commerce and industry and there must be a link to foreign trade transactions (local and substantive competence of the Chamber of Commerce).

The application and processing of documents is also possible by electronic means after prior registration and use of a qualified digital signature. Contacting the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in case of any ambiguities is expressly recommended.
Article 59-61 Eu Union Customs Code (UCC)/VO (EU) No 952/2013 Section 1(3) Act on provisional regulation of the law of chambers of commerce and industry (IHKG) Ihk Statute for the issuance of certificates of origin and other certificates used for foreign trade Administrative Procedure Act (VwVfG)

Submission of documents to the Chamber of Commerce Examination of the documents, consultation with the applicant where appropriate Processing of documents by the Chamber of Commerce Return to the applicant (in person or by post) Charging

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