Prober - public order and swearing-in Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As a sampler, you check the quality, quantity, weight or correct packaging of goods in the manufacture and trade of goods. If you wish to carry out this activity as a publicly appointed and sworn sampler, please contact the responsible Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). The public order certifies that you are particularly qualified in terms of establishing fact in a particular field. The decisive factor is personal aptitude and special expertise. Its task is to establish certain facts impartially and independently of the contracting authority or to verify the proper performance of certain activities. You must be sworn in that you will carry out your activity as a sampler independently, without instructions, personally, conscientiously and impartially. The content of the public order may be limited, limited in time for a limited period and subject to conditions. The rights and obligations of publicly appointed samplers are mainly regulated in the expert regulations of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Publicly appointed and sworn samplers can be recognized by the legally protected designation "publicly appointed and sworn". The Chambers of Commerce and Industry shall award the sampler a circular stamp and issue a sampler's id card. Pursuant to Paragraph 36 (2) in conjunction with paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code and, if samplers are appointed and sworn in, there is a need for the services of a sampler for the subject requested, there are no concerns about suitability, the applicant proves the special expertise. Other requirements: Subsidiary in Germany, at the age of 30 and not at the age of 62, orderly economic conditions. The applicant shall provide the guarantee of impartiality and independence as well as compliance with the obligations of a publicly appointed sampler. Foreign qualifications, qualifications and other qualifications will be taken into account in the administrative procedure. They must be presented in German. In addition, testees with qualifications from a Member State of the European Union or another Contracting State to the Agreement on the European Economic Area may be appointed to the public office if they have already demonstrated their expertise in a particular field, which is essentially comparable, or have worked full-time as a sampler for two of the last 10 years and is based on the evidence submitted. that the sampler essentially has the special expertise.

As a rule, you must provide the following documents: Confirmation that a certificate of leadership is requested "for submission to an authority" Certificate in tax matters of the tax office Application for swearing and public appointment incl. assurance that there is no double swearing-in Insurance that orderly economic conditions exist and that no commercial prohibition procedure has been initiated Curriculum vitae, proof of training and qualifications photograph Company description Extract from the Business Central Register Reference The competent Chamber of Commerce may request further documents in individual cases.

Applications can be obtained from the competent Chamber of Commerce. You can also make the application informally.

The procedure for the public appointment of a sampler begins with an application and detailed preliminary discussions. After examination of the documents to be submitted, a personal suitability is checked. The verification of the so-called special expertise can be carried out in your branch office.
Expert Regulations of the respective Chamber of Commerce and the following regulations:

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