Food safety: experts for counter-samples - Approval Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In the context of official monitoring of food and necessities, samples of foodstuffs, cosmetics, necessities and tobacco products are regularly taken for trafficability checks. Economic operators may have the samples examined at their own expense by private experts (counter-sample experts) in order to refute complaints made by the supervisory authorities and to demonstrate that they have complied with their due diligence obligations. As a private expert, you need approval to examine officially left samples. You must have the necessary training in your particular field and have completed a practical activity of two years in this field. In addition to your professional competence, you must also be able to prove that you have a laboratory suitable for the proper conduct of the examination. Only those private experts who are authorised for this activity by the competent authorities of the Land in which they have their head office are authorised to examine the counter-or secondary samples referred to in the second sentence of Paragraph 43(1) of the Food and Feed Code and the second sentence referred to in Section 43(1) of the Food and Feed Code and the second sentence of Section 42(1) of the Provisional Tobacco Act. Persons from another State who wish to carry out the profession of counter-sample expert in Germany temporarily and occasionally in the context of the provision of the service must notify the competent authority in writing of the activity as a counter-sample expert before taking part for the first time and attach certain documents to the notification.

The conditions for approval are described in the Counter-Sample Ordinance and the Counter-Sample Expert Testing Laboratory Ordinance. Documents on the professional qualification of state-certified food chemists or veterinarians other university degree, namely: Evidence of relevant expertise shop talk Personal reliability/impartiality Certificate of leadership in accordance with Section 30 OF the BZRG Declaration, Criminal and Prosecutor's Investigation medical certificate, All documents may not be older than one month. laboratory Recognition within the meaning of Directive (93/99/EEC) for test areas - Accreditation Declaration of employment Undertakings

The application for approval as a counter-sample expert in accordance with Section 43 of the Food and Feed Code (LFGB) is submitted informally.

Special admission requirements apply. These are regulated by the Counter-Sample Ordinance and the Counter-Sample Expert Testing Laboratory Ordinance.
Counter-sample regulation (GPV) Counter-sample expert test laboratory ordinance (Test labV) Food and Feed Code (LFGB) Veterinary Administration Costs Ordinance (VetKostVO M-V)

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