External inspectors for industrial waste - Announcement

In order to be able to carry out external inspections as a recognised body on installations of waste pre-treatment plants under the Industrial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV), recognition must be applied for at the competent authority (LUNG). The announcement will be made for the entire Federal Territory in the Official Journal of the Land in which the application for disclosure was made. The announcement in accordance with Section 11 (4) of the GewAbfV takes place if you have the required expertise, independence, reliability and equipment. As the notified body, you may carry out the external checks in accordance with Section 11 (1) GewAbfV. Evidence issued abroad shall be recognised insofar as it is equivalent in accordance with Section 11 (5) of the GewAbfV. The notification procedure can be carried out through the Single Contact Point.

Identity card or passport with registration confirmation Written informal application, including commercial register/commercial register extract Declaration of exemption from any liability of the external inspector's activities to the country in which he operates Presentation of the control and monitoring methods used

The application may be submitted informally.

Bodies to be made aware of the external inspection must have the reliability, independence and expertise required for their activities. Experts who are authorised to supervise waste disposal specialist establishments in accordance with the Waste Management Regulations are suitable for carrying out external inspections.
The administrative procedure consists of the following steps: Written application for examination of the application by the competent authority possible request for documents Decision-making of the expert