Pest control commercially - obligation to notify

Anyone who wants to carry out pest control commercially or independently in the context of other economic activities with a third party or not only occasionally and to a small extent on his own holding, where food is produced, treated or placed on the market, or in a body referred to in Section 36 of the Infection Protection Act, or who wants to resume after more than one year of interruption and thereby use very toxic, toxic and harmful substances and preparations , and preparations in which the said substances or preparations are released, shall be notified to the competent authority at least 6 weeks before the commencement of the activity.

To do this, you must demonstrate sufficient staffing. This is the case when suitable competent persons are employed. It is knowledgeable who

  • has passed the pest controller test, or
  • has passed the examination for the recognised qualification "Certified Pest Controller/Certified Pest Controller" or
  • has passed the examination as an assistant or master of pest control in accordance with law no longer in force in the old Länder or under the law of the former GDR, or
  • has been shown to have acquired a comparable expertise in a Member State of the European Communities, and
  • is regularly trained.

It is also competent to know who has taken an examination or successfully completed an education which has been recognised by the competent authority as equivalent to the aforementioned examinations. If the intended pest control is limited to specific areas of application, it is also known who has taken an examination or successfully completed an education which has been recognised by the competent authority as suitable for these activities.

Changes to the information in the notification shall be notified by the employer to the competent authority.

In particular, the display shall contain the following information:

  • proof that the personnel, spatial and safety equipment of the company is sufficiently suitable for this work,
  • the number of workers handling the pesticides;
  • Designations, properties, mechanisms of action, methods of application and decontamination of pesticides intended for pest control
  • the areas of the intended pest control and target organisms against which the pest control is to be carried out, and
  • Result of the prescribed substitution test

Identification document: alternatively passport with registration confirmation

Annex II to TRGS 523:

Communication on the intended use of pesticides in Community facilities.


Since this is an area governed only by national law, proof of comparable expertise from another Member State of the European Community requires an equivalence test of expertise, including knowledge of the relevant national legislation.

In addition, the Animal Welfare Act requires proof of expertise in the animal welfare law for the control of vertebrates.

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