Insurance consultant permission

The insurance advice may only be provided by an insurance consultant who has received a permit from the competent Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). The permit may be restricted in content and subject to conditions to the extent necessary for the protection of the general public or the policyholder. Conditions can also be amended, supplemented and included retrospectively. With the permission, the insurance consultant is entitled to provide legal advice to other persons in the agreement, modification or examination of insurance contracts or in the exercise of claims in the event of an insured event and to represent them out of court against the insurance company. Insurance consultants are independent and neutral consultants and representatives of their clients in all insurance matters and free from dependencies that affect their professional performance. Insurance consultants may not accept commission from insurance companies. Insurance consultants must register in the insurance intermediary register with the Chamber of Commerce responsible for them at the latest after the authorisation has been issued. Registration may also take place at the same time as the application for authorisation.

Completed and signed application form Certificate of management type "0", in the case of legal entities of all managing partners Extract from the central business register, in the case of legal entities also of the managing partner Proof of professional insinuating insurance or equivalent guarantee Certificate in tax matters Proof of the successful examination of the subject matter or an equivalent professional qualification in accordance with Section 5 of the Insurance Intermediary Ordinance (VersVermV) or a successfully completed degree as an insurance specialist (BWV) Proof of the delegation of the certificate of expertise to persons entitled to be authorised to be authorised in accordance with Section 34d (5 p. 4) of the Commercial Code (GewO) Register extract from the Register of Trade, Cooperatives or Associations Business registration (current copy) Identity card or passport with current registration confirmation Foreign nationals, if they are not EU nationals, need a residence permit which entitles them to pursue an independent activity Special feature for holders of a permit in accordance with Section 34c GewO: Insofar as a permit exists in accordance with Section 34c GewO and it is not older than 3 months, the following documents need not be submitted: certificate of management, extract from the central business register and certificate in tax matters if a copy of the certificate of authorisation (according to Section 34c GewO) is attached and no revocation, withdrawal or criminal proceedings are pending. Exemption for authorised credit institutions: In the case of credit institutions authorised under the Banking Act (KWG), neither the personal financial circumstances of the Board of Management or the Management Board nor the orderly financial situation of the credit institution are examined, as this has already been done through the Federal Financial Services Institution (BaFin). You will receive proof of the conclusion or existence of professional inertial insurance or an equivalent guarantee from your insurance company, which may not be older than three months.

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