Surveillance industry - Certificate of expertise

In accordance with Section 34a (1) sentence 3 No. 3 of the German Trade Code (GewO) in conjunction with Section 5a (2) of the Guarding Ordinance, proof of an expert examination successfully passed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) is required for the following persons: Persons wishing to carry out the guarding business as self-employed persons in accordance with the first sentence of section 34a (1) of the GewO, in the case of legal persons, the legal representatives insofar as they are directly involved in the carrying out of guarding tasks, the persons entrusted with the management of the business and other persons engaged in the performance of guarding tasks in accordance with Section 34a (1a) sentence 2 of the GewO. In addition, proof of an expert examination successfully passed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is required in accordance with Section 34a (1) sentence 2 GewO for persons entrusted with the carrying out of the following guarding activities: Inspections in public transport areas or in areas of property law with actual public transport Protection from shoplifters Guarding in entrance areas of guest discotheques Surveillance of reception facilities in accordance with Section 44 of the Asylum Act, as amended by the Notice of September 2, 2008 (BGBl.I p. 1798), which was last amended by Article 6 of the Law of 31 July 2016 (BGBl I p. 1939), of community accommodation in accordance with Section 53 of the Asylum Act or other real estate and facilities which serve the temporary official accommodation of asylum seekers or refugees, in a leading function. , Surveillance of access-protected large-scale events in a managerial capacity.

Registration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The IHK also provides you with the application form for the expert examination online via the knowledge base of the Unified Contact Persons or the Application Assistant.

The purpose of the expert examination in accordance with Section 34a (1) sentence 3 and paragraph 1a sentence 2 of the GewO is to provide the competent enforcement authorities with proof that the entrepreneur and the correspondingly employed employees have acquired knowledge of the legal regulations and subject-specific duties and powers necessary for the performance of these activities, as well as their practical application to the extent that enable them to carry out these security tasks independently. The subject of the expert examination shall be in particular the technical duties and powers of the following areas: Public security and order law including commercial law and data protection law civil code Criminal and criminal law, including the handling of weapons Accident prevention regulations Watch and safety services Dealing with people, in particular behaviour in dangerous situations and de-escalation techniques in conflict situations as well as intercultural competence with particular attention to diversity and social diversity and Basic features of safety technology

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