Insurance intermediaries - exemption from the obligation to grant permission

Any insurance provider only as a supplement to the goods or services supplied in the course of his main activity may, under certain conditions, be exempted from the obligation to authorise insurance intermediaries on request. To do this, you must prove that you carry out the activity as an insurance intermediary directly on behalf of one or more insurance intermediaries who hold a licence for insurance intermediaries or one or more insurance undertakings; professional insinuating insurance in accordance with Section 34d (5) No. 3 GewO exists and They are reliable and suitably qualified and do not live in disorderly financial circumstances. As proof of this, a declaration of your above-mentioned clients is sufficient, with the content that they undertake to comply with the requirements in accordance with Section 80(2) of the Insurance Supervision Act and to ensure the appropriate qualification of the applicant for the placement of the respective insurance, and that they are not currently aware of anything to the contrary. The exemption from the authorisation requirement may be limited in content and subject to conditions to the extent necessary for the protection of the general public or the policyholder. Conditions can also be amended, supplemented and included retrospectively.

Completed and signed application form Declaration pursuant to Section 34 d (6) No. 3 GewO proof of professional insinuating insurance or equivalent guarantee; The insurance company with which you have taken out the professional indemnity insurance or the equivalent guarantee will provide you with proof of presentation to the Chamber of Commerce. It must not be older than 3 months at the time of application. Commercial register extract for commercial register registrations Business registration (current copy) Identity card or passport and registration confirmation (current)

The transposition of the EU Insurance Intermediary Directive into national law has made the insurance intermediary's previously freely accessible activity a business subject to authorisation and registration.

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