Pawn lending business Permission

Anyone wishing to carry out the business of a pawnbroker or a pawnbroker requires the permission of the competent authority. Permission may be subject to conditions to the extent necessary to protect the general public or the pledge. Under the same conditions, the subsequent inclusion, amendment and addition of conditions is also permitted. Permission must be refused if: the facts justify the presumption that the applicant does not have the reliability required for the business, or does not prove the resources or collateral required for the business.

current certificate of leadership Extract from the central business register (in the case of legal entities by the managing director and the legal person) Certificate in tax matters (formerly tax safety certificate) from the tax office (in the case of companies from the legal person and the managing director) Proof of spatial conditions (floor plan of the business premises) Proof of insurance (against fire damage, tap water damage, burglary and robbery) Information from the debtor register of the district court in whose district the applicant had the domicile or commercial establishment in the last three years Extract from the commercial register of legal entities The competent authority may request further documentation on a case-by-case basis.

Forms can be obtained from the competent authority, including, if necessary, via the Internet.

They have the necessary reliability. They shall provide the necessary means or collateral for the business.

Permission to operate the trade of a pawnbroker is valid throughout the Federal Republic.
District-free cities, large district-affiliated cities, competent administrative administration or administration of the non-official municipality support in the application process.