Experts - public appointment and swearing-in

Persons who are experts in the field of economy, including mining, deep-sea and coastal fishing, as well as agriculture and forestry, including gardening and viticulture be made public on request by the competent authorities in certain fields, provided that such experts are required to provide expert services. Special expertise must be demonstrated for this purpose and there must be no doubts about suitability. Persons shall be sworn in to carry out their expert duties independently, without instructions, in person, conscientiously and impartially, and to give their opinions accordingly. The content of the public order may be limited, limited in time for a limited period and subject to conditions.

application Detailed CV Certified copies of all relevant certificates Extract from the Federal Central Register Certificate of safety from the tax office liability insurance

Applications may also be available from the relevant Chamber of Commerce and Industry via the Internet.

Proof of professional and personal aptitude
Fee Statute of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry M-V Section 1 Chamber of Commerce Act Country of Jurisdiction Ordinance

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The public appointment as an expert shall be limited in time and shall be extended where appropriate.

Responsible for the content
Ministry of Economy, Labour and Health Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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