Game hall - operating licence

Permission to operate a arcade or similar company in accordance with Section 33i of the Commercial Code (GewO) Anyone who wants to operate a arcade or similar company for commercial purposes, which is exclusively or primarily for the installation of playing equipment or for the organisation of other games within the meaning of Section 33c (1) sentence 1 or section 33d (1) sentence 1, requires the permission of the competent authority.

current certificate of leadership Extract from the trade register of legal entities Information from the Business Central Register tax safety certificate from the tax office application form Site plan and floor plan drawing Identity document If necessary, building permit Social concept

Forms can be obtained from the competent authority or, if necessary, on the Internet.

They have the necessary reliability. Compatibility is given, in particular, with Section 5 GlüStVAG M-V.

The law implementing the Gambling State Treaty of 14 December 2007, last amended by law of 22 June 2012, must be observed. Thus, according to Section 11(4) of this Act, for example.B a minimum distance between amusement arcades and schools must be observed. Furthermore, compatibility with Paragraph 5 is required.

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