Play equipment with a chance to win - Permission

With a permit to set up money play machines with the possibility of winning, you can set up money play equipment throughout Germany. Each installation site must be allowed individually by the competent authority. Money play equipment may not be installed until all of you have all the necessary permissions.

Certificate in tax matters of the tax office (to be applied to the tax office of the place of residence) Identity card or passport with an up-to-date registration certificate (in case of representation with written authorisation: identity card or passport of the authorised representative, as well as copy of the authorising authority) Certificate of management in document type OG (for submission to an authority) (to be applied to the local reporting authority responsible for your residence) Information from the insolvency court as to whether proceedings have been opened (to be applied to the local court of the place of residence) Information from the business central register in document type 9 Completed application form Certificate of information in players and protection of minors (According to Section 33c of the Trade Code, a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry must prove that one has been informed in the knowledge necessary for the exercise of trade.) Social concept (For a permit to set up play equipment with the possibility of winning, a social concept must be submitted in accordance with Section 33c (2) of the Commercial Code. The social concept describes the measures to be taken to prevent the socially harmful effects of gambling.) Extract of the commercial register or, in the case of legal persons still in the process of being established, the charter and the partnership agreement

application form

A permit in accordance with Section 33c of the Commercial Code presupposes your reliability under commercial law. Reliability shall be checked by the Authority when applying.

From 10.11.2019, only the operation of 2 money play machines is allowed in restaurants after SpielV.
First, you must obtain all necessary documents and submit them to the authority with the written application. The authority checks your commercial reliability If all requirements are met, you will receive permission with a fee notice.

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