Business re-registration

The relocation of a standing commercial enterprise within the municipality and a change or extension of the activity of the trade require a reclassification of the commercial enterprise. Anyone who starts the independent operation of a standing trade, branch or branch must report this to the competent authority at the same time. The same shall apply where the business is relocated or the object of the trade is changed or extended to goods or services which are not customary in the case of commercial enterprises of the notified type.

current identity card or passport with current registration confirmation Commercial register extract, (cooperative register extract, association register extract), insofar as the company is registered in the commercial register (cooperative register, association register) further documentation or evidence may be required in individual cases

Forms can be obtained from the appropriate body or on the Internet.

The re-registration of your trade can be done in person or in writing. You must use the "Trade Reregistration" form for the trade re-registration. This is located in your community. The form for your display of the trade registration is also available for download on the Internet. You then send the application and the documents to the authority by post or submit your application electronically with the help of the "Application Assistant". If the re-registration is not carried out by the trader or the legal representative, the person responsible for the re-registration requires a written authorisation. If your trade registration is made in writing, you will receive the confirmation of your trade conversion with the fee invoice within three days. In the case of a personal application, you will receive the confirmation directly.

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