Business deregistration

If you wish to give up the independent operation of a standing trade, branch or branch, you must report it to the competent authority at the same time.

If you give up the business of your business, you will have to cancel your business. The same applies if you move the business to another municipality, office or city. You must then deregister your business in the former municipality, the former city or the former office and register in the new municipality if it continues.

In the case of individual trades of individual traders, partnerships (e.B. OHG, BGB-Gesellschaft), the shareholders entitled to the management and the legal representative for corporations (e.B. GmbH, AG) are subject to notification.

  • current identity card or passport with current registration confirmation
  • Commercial register extract (cooperative register extract, association register extract), as far as your company is registered in the commercial register (cooperative register, association register)
  • In some cases, further documentation or evidence may also be required. This must be clarified in individual cases with the competent authority.

Forms can be obtained from the appropriate body or on the Internet.

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The deregistration of a trade can be done in person or in writing.

To deregister your trade, you must use the "Commercial Deregistration" form. This is available in your local authority or is also available for download. The commercial deregistration can also be displayed electronically via the Internet via the "Application Assistant" and using the electronic signature. If no electronic signature is used, you must send a signed printout of the deregistration by post to the competent authority.

If the deregistration is not carried out by the trader or a legal representative, the person responsible for the deregistration requires a written authorisation.

If the abandonment of the establishment has been clearly determined and the deregistration has not taken place within a reasonable period of time, the deregistration shall be made of its own motion.

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