Soziotherapie für Krankenversicherte Finanzierung Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Are you severely mentally ill and unable to make independent use of medical or medically prescribed services? If so, you are entitled to sociotherapy as a person with statutory health insurance. Sociotherapy includes practical life instructions that enable you to make use of outpatient medical and psychotherapeutic services. The aim is to strengthen your personal responsibility so that you can manage without sociotherapeutic care in the long term. Sociotherapy can be prescribed if it avoids or shortens hospital treatment or if it is necessary but not feasible. For each case of illness, you are entitled to 120 hours of sociotherapy within three years. The health insurance funds conclude contracts with suitable persons or institutions for the provision of sociotherapy.


You have statutory health insurance You are unable to access medical or medically prescribed services independently due to severe mental illness. The service must be approved by the health insurance fund

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