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Your legal traineeship ends when you take the second state law examination. Successful completion of the examination qualifies you to hold judicial office and entitles you to use the title of "Assessor" or "Assessorin". The examination consists of 8 papers with a duration of 5 hours and an oral examination. After successful completion of the examination, a certificate is issued by the Landesjustizprüfungsamt.

None. Note: Required documents must be submitted at the time of recruitment to the preparatory service or acquired during the preparatory service.

You have successfully completed the first state law examination and the legal traineeship.

Die Zweite Staatsprüfung wird nach den Bestimmungen des Gesetzes über die Juristenausbildung im Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Juristenausbildungsgesetz - JAG M-V - vom 16. Dezember 1992 (GVOBL M-V S. 725), in der derzeit geltenden Fassung, und der Verordnung zur Ausführung des Juristenausbildungsgesetzes im Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Juristenausbildungs- und Prüfungsordnung - JAPO M-V - vom 16. Juni 2004 (GVOBL M-V S. 281), in der derzeit geltenden Fassung, durchgeführt.

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Admission to the examination is automatic after successful completion of the training stations, so that a separate application for admission is not necessary. Each candidate will be invited by the examination office to prepare the examination papers. The examination papers are written in the 20th month of training within a period of 2 weeks. After the work has been completed, the candidate completes the elective station of the preparatory service, while the supervisory work is assessed by 2 examiners. This is followed by a summons to the examination, which takes place at the beginning of the 25th month of training. This consists of a file lecture, and 5 examination discussions (civil law, criminal law, public law, lawyer and emphasis). Passing the exam completes the legal preparatory service.

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