End-of-life care through outpatient hospice services and care in inpatient hospices for people with statutory health insurance Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Outpatient hospice services Dying people or their loved ones who need support can contact an outpatient hospice service. , In outpatient hospice work, volunteers from hospice services accompany seriously ill and dying people and their relatives. They come to your home regularly for a few hours as needed - also as a supplement to an outpatient nursing service. The employees of the hospice services also accompany you in old people's and nursing homes, in institutions for the disabled and in hospital. Outpatient hospice services are financed by subsidies from health insurance companies and donations. The support of those affected and their relatives is free of charge. Inpatient hospice services Under certain conditions, you can make use of inpatient or day-care services in hospices. This includes palliative medical and nursing care. Guest rooms are usually available for your relatives. The costs of care in hospices are covered up to 95 percent by the respective health and nursing care insurance. 5 percent of the costs are covered by donations. There is no personal contribution.

Inpatient Hospice Benefit: Medical prescription

Outpatient hospice services Dying persons who are not receiving inpatient or partial inpatient hospice care in a hospital, or their relatives, who need support, they can turn to an outpatient hospice service. Inpatient hospice services People who are suffering from an incurable illness that will lead to death in the foreseeable future, cure is ruled out and palliative medical and nursing care is necessary or desired by the patient. no hospital treatment is required and outpatient care in the home or family is not sufficient.
Insured persons are entitled to individual advice and assistance from the health insurance fund on hospice and palliative care benefits. Please enquire with your health insurance fund.

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