Hundehaltung Prüfung Sachkunde des Besitzers Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Those who do not want to breed, keep or lead dangerous dogs must possess and prove the necessary expertise. In order to prove competence, an examination must be passed before the district regulatory authority or equivalent training must have been completed with a state or non-governmental body.

In particular, the examination of expertise shall demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the nature and behaviour of dogs, the correct behaviour of humans towards dogs, as well as the most important legislation for the handling of dogs. The expertise only needs to be proven for the dog breed or dog group, whose non-commercial attitude is intended. Applicants who do not wish to breed dangerous dogs have also established established cynological knowledge related to the respective breeding. The certificates shall indicate the breeds of dogs or groups of dogs for which expertise has been demonstrated.
Section 4 (2) No. 1 in conjunction with Section 5 Ordinance on the Keeping and Keeping of Dogs (Dog Owner Ordinance Dog HVO M-V)

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Please ask the relevant procedure with the competent district regulatory authority.

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