Close partial property register

You may have partial property records closed again if all partial ownership rights have been united in your person. The association may have been effected by the fact that you have acquired all partial ownership rights in legal, succession or foreclosure. You can also reverse the division if you have always remained the owner of all partial ownership rights after a division into partial ownership, because no other owners have entered the Community. This requires your request. When the partial property registers are closed, a land register for the property is created again. Any burdens on all partial property rights with an overall right will continue at the same time on the undivided property. If necessary, individual charges will also be assumed. The charges are therefore transferred to the newly to be re-created land register.

notarised application for registration (which also contains the owner's registration permit) consent of third parties

In order to close the partial property registers, an application for registration by you or the notary or the notary who certifys must be made. The partial ownership land registers shall be closed on request if all the necessary documents have been submitted in accordance with the form and there are no obstacles to registration.
You must apply for registration with the Land Registry. As a rule, the notary who has certified the application for registration shall arrange the registration. The documents required for registration shall be examined by the competent lawyer at the Land Registry Office. If documents are not available in full or in accordance with the form, the responsible lawyer will inform the notary, the notary or you in writing about this and request the presentation of the missing documents or the documents that are in accordance with the form (notarised or to be certified). If all the necessary documents are available, the responsible lawyer will close the partial property registers and at the same time create a new land register for the property. The registration will be made known to the notary submitting the application.dem the notary and will be notified to you with the registration notice. The invoice of the Land Registry will be sent to you to pay the costs.

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