Attribution of a property in the land register Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Do you own several properties and would like them to be registered as a single plot of land in the land register? You can achieve this by applying to the Land Registry for the attribution of one plot of land to the other (main property). From previously independent plots of land, a uniform new plot of land is created, which in some cases can be used more economically.

Application in publicly certified form, since it also contains the authorisation in accordance with Paragraph 19 of the GBO, with the designation of the land involved

Existence of multiple land or rights of the same property Publicly certified application of the owner of the land involved A plot of land should only be attributed to another property as an integral part if there is no confusion to be avoided. This means that, for example, due to different charges on the land, the entries can become confusing and difficult to understand. The legal status of the property must always be clearly recognizable. The land involved should be directly adjacent to each other in the same land register and cadastral district. The owner must be pre-registered.

The connected properties lose their independence. The plots are registered as a plot of land in the land register. Deposits which weigh on the main property automatically extend to the imputed property. Charges on the imputed land do not extend to the main property.
If the conditions are met, the Land Registry shall enter the attribution in the land register.

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