Land in the land register posting

Each plot of land is shown in the land register in a special place on its own land register sheet. In principle, a posting obligation in the land register applies to land. Certain properties are exempt from this obligation to book, e.B. land of the federal government, the Länder, the municipalities, the churches or public roads. A property which is exempt from the obligation to book but is nevertheless registered in the land register may, at the request of the owner, be removed from the land register, i.e. fully booked. This presupposes that there are no charges on the property.

Written application from the owner indicating the land in question

Written application of the owner The (new) owner is exempt from the obligation to book in accordance with Section 3 paragraph 2 GBO. These are the federal government, the Länder, the municipalities and other municipal associations, the churches, monasteries and schools, owners of watercourses, public roads, as well as land dedicated to a railway company serving public transport. There are no entries that affect the owner's right. The rights in Division II and Division III have been deleted.
The derecognition note of the Land Registry must be entered in the inventory of the land register. If all land entered on a sheet is booked out, the sheet shall be closed.

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