Granting an insight into the land register

The Land Registry provides information on the legal conditions of a property, for example: who owns or owns a property, whether and what rights third parties have in a property (e.B. liens or servitude) or whether there are reservations or certain restrictions on disposal. A reservation secures a right to transfer ownership from a purchase contract. You should check the land register before you buy a plot of land. Otherwise, you may buy a property with charges that you do not know (e.B. a lifetime right of residence of a third party).

Passport or identity card if the property is not your property: documents indicating your legitimate interest (e.g. consent of the owner)

You must have a legitimate interest in inseeing the land register. The legitimate interest for inspection must be explained to the Land Registry. In individual cases, the Land Registry may require a credible or proof of interest. The landowner and all rightholders registered in the land register (e.B. creditors of a land debt have a legitimate interest. In addition, the legitimate interest requires objective reasons beyond mere curiosity. For this purpose, a real interest, in particular economic interest , may suffice (e.B. land neighbours who wish to obtain information about the neighbouring owner, a tenant to determine whether the landlord is the owner or a heritage). All persons entitled to access may also request a land register extract.

For the protection of the owner, you may only inspect the land register if you prove a legitimate interest. Creditors, for example, can consult if they wish to enforce the powers of enforcement. Would you like to buy a plot of land and therefore take a look? The owner must agree to this. Confirm in writing that you can view the land register.
You must apply for inspection with the Land Registry. Ask in advance whether you need to make the request orally, in writing or in person. This depends on the individual case.

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