Registration of the person entitled to inherit the building has been corrected

You may request the correction of the land register if there is a land register inaccuracy. This is the case if the person of the person entitled to inherit has changed and the true person entitled to inherit the estate does not yet derive from the land register of inheritance, such as .B in the case of an inheritance. This does not cover cases where only a name change has occurred (e.B. by marriage). Further documents must be submitted to the competent Land Registry with the application. If the Land Registry considers that the land registry is inaccurate, the land registry registration shall be corrected accordingly.

written application for registration, if applicable in a publicly certified or certified form, if the application also contains the consent of the true person entitled to inherit it (see below) publicly certified registration permit of the person or persons wrongly entitled to inherit the registered (so-called book-entitled), or Proof of inaccuracy by public or publicly certified document publicly certified or publicly certified consent of the true right to be re-established or the true right to inherit to be entered, or Proof of inaccuracy by public or publicly certified certificate or An application by an enforceable creditor, the holder of a title enforceable against the true entitled person, is to be presented with the corresponding title and proof of the inaccuracy of the land register by means of an authentic instrument

In order to rectify the land registry, a request for correction by you or the notary or notary who certifys must be made. The registration of the person entitled to the inheritance shall be corrected if all the necessary documents have been submitted in accordance with the form and there are no grounds for refusal.
You must apply for registration with the Land Registry. If any registration documents by the notary or notary are to be certified or certified for the registration of the correction, the latter or the latter will, as a general rule, request the correction from the Land Registry. The documents required for registration shall be examined by the competent lawyer at the Land Registry Office. If documents are not available in full or in accordance with the form, the responsible lawyer will inform the notary, the notary or you in writing about this and request the presentation of the missing documents or the appropriate (publicly certified or certified form) documents. If all the necessary documents are available, the competent lawyer will make the correction of the land register registration. The registration will be made known to the notary .dem submitting the application and will be notified to you with the registration notice. In principle, you will receive an invoice from the Land Registry. However, in the case of the request for correction by the heir or heirs, the levying of the fee is waived in the case of the request for correction by the heir or heirs, which is described in more detail in the module "Costs".

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