Promotion of in-service qualification of employees in companies (Qualification Directive) Application

Purpose of benefit The Land of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania grants grants for the purpose of professional qualification of employees, which serve the objective of securing skilled workers through the acquisition, maintenance and extension of professional competences and qualifications, thus supporting in particular the adaptation of companies and employees to the technical, economic and demographic changes. The object of the grant The following measures are supported for employees from companies with their registered office, branch or establishment in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Educational cheques Participation in the continuing vocational training of employees is encouraged by measures to maintain, expand or acquire skills and qualifications in the context of the enterprise. Company-specific measures Measures can be supported (a) the assessment of the competence of the employees; (b) to analyse the skills needs of employees in the enterprise; (c) on vocational qualifications, the development and development of the potential of employees for the safeguarding of skilled workers, make a special contribution to the development of companies or individual sectors, related to settlement, expansion and restructuring projects of commercial enterprises. Beneficiaries Beneficiaries of the educational cheques may be natural persons who are the owners of an undertaking, partnerships and legal persons governed by private law who have their registered office, establishment or permanent establishment in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Beneficiaries of company-specific measures are companies in the commercial economy (according to the provisions of the Commercial Tax Act GewStG) with registered office, establishment or permanent establishment in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which manufacture goods or provide services which are actually or by their nature regularly sold nationally and thus fulfil the condition for achieving a primary effect in accordance with Part II A, point 2.1 of the GRW coordination framework. Type and scope, amount of grant The grant will be granted as share financing in the form of a non-repayable grant in the context of project funding. Grants for educational cheques Grants amount to 50 percent of eligible expenditure. If the conditions for de minimis aid under Article 2(3) and Article 3 of Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013 are met, a grant equal to 75 per cent of the eligible expenditure will be granted. For qualifications with a qualified certificate of participation, the grant is limited to a maximum of EUR 500 per educational cheque and qualification measure. In the case of qualification-oriented qualifications, in particular on the basis of a regulated examination rule or with the aim of connecting partial qualifications or a certificate of completion, the grant is limited to a maximum of 3,000 euros. The eligible expenses are the course costs of the service provider charged to the beneficiary for the qualification measure carried out by the employee or employees concerned. Non-eligible VAT, discounts and rebates. Grants for company-specific measures Grants amount to 50 percent of eligible expenditure. Eligible expenses are the services of the service provider invoiced to the beneficiary for the assessment of the competence of the employees, the analysis of the qualification requirements or the qualification measure carried out. Non-eligible VAT, discounts and rebates.

Educational cheques form-based application incl. annexes Copy of the current and complete association or commercial register extract (NOT OLDER AS 12 MONTHS) Copy of the trade declaration or membership certificate of the competent chamber or entry in the professional register or cash register admission, if applicable, up-to-date copy of the "de minimis" certificates Company-specific measures form-based application incl. annexes Copy of the current and complete commercial register extract (NOT OLDER THAN 12 MONTHS) Copy of the trade registration Offer/s of the external service provider/s

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The support presupposes that the advisory and qualification services are provided by suitable external service providers who do not form a related company with the applicant or are a partner undertaking of the applicant (according to Annex 1, Article 3(2) and (3) of Regulation (EU) No 651/2014). Considered suitable (a) service providers who have recognition as an institution of continuing training in accordance with Section 6 of the Continuing Training Promotion Act; (b) service providers who have a recognised quality management certificate in accordance with Section 4(1) of the Continuing Education Country Ordinance; (c) service providers who have a quality management system recognised by the granting authority; (d) other persons or institutions proving that they are particularly suitable for the advice or training to be provided in connection with the promotion. The granting authority shall decide on the special suitability in agreement with the competent supervisory authority at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Health. The reasons for suitability must be documented. The promotion of measures with educational cheques presupposes that, when the application is submitted, the employees' declarations of consent on the processing of their personal data are available in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations. The promotion of company-specific measures requires that the company confirms with the settlement that the employees' declarations of consent about the processing of their personal data are in place in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations in the company.

The GSA supports companies based in the country as well as resettlement through groundbreaking consultations on in-service training. In addition, the GSA's continuing training consultancy helps to find funding and funding opportunities for continuing training courses. contact: Andreas Klar, tel.: 0385 55775-565, e-mail: Corinna Bouguel, tel.: 0385 55775-563, e-mail:
application Grants are granted on written request. The form-based applications must be submitted to the GSA - Gesellschaft für Struktur- und Arbeitsmarktentwicklung mbH, Schulstraße 1 - 3, 19055 Schwerin. After confirmation of receipt of the application, it may be started at your own risk. grant The granting authority is also the GSA in Schwerin. Authorisation shall be granted by written grant notice. Medium request / proof of use procedure The education cheques may be submitted by the service provider to the granting authority for payment within a period of three months after the end of the authorisation period. With the submission, the service provider must submit the following documents: a) the educational cheque signed by the service provider and the respective participant with participant-related information such as the name of the participant or the participant, location, date, participant-related information on the modular educational content with the lessons completed (qualified certificate of participation), (b) a total statement of accounts indicating both the share covered by the education cheque and the own share to be paid by the beneficiary; (c) confirmation of the payment made of the beneficiary's own share. In the case of company-specific measures, a request for funds may only be made after the provision of services and payment of the eligible costs. By submitting the request for funding, the beneficiary shall provide the following documents: (a) a statement of the invoices paid and the original documents, including proof of payment; (b) in the case of vocational qualification measures, a course-related statement of participation in the qualification confirmed by the beneficiary and the employees. If the aforementioned procedure for the retrieval of funds is followed and, in the case of company-specific measures, a formal factual report containing explanations of the success of the measure is submitted, the proof of use shall be deemed to have been provided. A separate proof of use procedure is not necessary.

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