District chimney sweep order

The authorized district chimney sweeper (bBSF) is who is appointed by the competent authority for a district. According to the Chimney Sweeper Sifting Crafts Act (SchfHwG) of 26.11.2008 (amended by Art. 1 G. v. 17.07.2017), vacant or vacant districts are occupied by means of a tendering procedure. The selection procedure and the order for the bBSF is governed in principle by Sections 9, 9a and 10 SchfHwG. Accordingly, the relevant competent authority must open a public tender for vacant districts and make the selection between candidates according to their suitability, competence and professional performance. The order is limited to seven years. The advertised districts are published on the website of the respective district or here:

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The necessary documents can be found in the relevant public tender.

Required forms can be found in the respective public tender.

In accordance with Section 9a Of SchfHwG, Applicants who, in their person, meet the requirements for the independent exercise of the chimney sweeping trade, are appointed as authorised district chimney sweepers. Additional requirements can be taken from the respective public tender.
On the website of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Health Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania:

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